Piano B&W

New music is created when ensembles commission composers to write it.

Have an idea for your ensemble?  Contact me to get started!

First, we'll talk about the strengths of the ensemble and the needs of the community.  The best pieces I have written have been created with the goal of having an impact on the people in the community.

As for the cost, there are a few industry-standard rules of thumb.  Works for small ensembles like SATB choirs start at a few hundred dollars per minute of composed music.  Larger works (orchestras and bands) start around $1000 per minute.  This varies greatly depending on how complex the work will be and several other factors.

Some ensembles have a dedicated budget for music.  Others fund-raise on their own.  Sometimes the ensemble and/or the composer apply for grants to pay for it.  I'm always happy to help with the grant process.

I ask for a reasonable travel stipend, an advance of 50% of the commission fee, a signed contract, and a firm performance date to start working.  I usually finish in about 12 months, sooner for smaller/simpler works and longer for larger ones.